Once Upon A Time .... There Was A Little Bird


The power of kindness is a tale told all over the world! Every culture has its story and lesson to learn!

Introduce kids to the charming telling of a North American folktale about a little bird that can’t fly south for the winter. This emotions book for kids explores the concepts of kindness and sharing in an engaging story format. 
Once Upon a Time…there was a Little Bird is filled with colorful illustrations and a lively story that teaches children emotional intelligence. Inside you’ll find:  

   • Beautiful, vibrant illustrations by Maja Andersen that bring the story to life.
   • Simple text, ideal for reading aloud, and for bedtime.
   • A reference section at the end of the book that explains the cultural history behind the story.

Once upon a time…

Little Bird has broken her wing and can’t join her friends in flying south for the winter. Cold and unsure where to find shelter, Little Bird hears kind voices calling to her — they offer shelter, food, and even a place for her to sing to her heart’s content! 

Illustrator Maja Andersen has beautifully crafted the images in this book to draw young children into the story and capture their imaginations. The tale of Little Bird introduces children to a lesser-known folktale and teaches them how to care for others. 

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