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Sweet Ginger Cookie Rooibos
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Empress Chai Black Tea
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Orange Spice Black Tea
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Masala Chai Black Tea (organic)
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15oz Infuser Mug - Orange
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Sunflower Impression Teacup and Saucer
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Large Infuser Teapot - Yellow
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Thank You Card - Dapper Fox
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Queen Mary Tea Room is one of the oldest independent tea rooms in America. We are featured in Bruce Richardson's book The Great Tea Rooms of America. Richardson writes, “If you want to feel like a Queen, this is the place to go.” CNN Travel listed us as one of the five great American tea rooms.

Queen Mary offers an experience that has attracted tea lovers from all over the world. Reviewers rave - “best tea place in the world,” “Queen Mary Tea Room is a must experience,” and “a tradition since my college days.” Tea lovers revel in the traditional British afternoon tea rituals. Ladies of every age celebrate birthdays, holidays, showers and special occasions by donning tiaras and sipping tea - pinkies extended - from fine English bone china teacups. Grandmothers and granddaughters bridge the generations while nibbling on cranberry orange scones, crumpets and and all the delights of a Formal Afternoon Tea. The experience is not just for ladies. Gentlemen have been frequenting the Queen Mary Tea Room from our earliest days to enjoy what one patron described as "incredible food, incredible service and intimate atmosphere."

Visit the Queen Mary Tea Room, the nearby Tea Emporium, or shop online and Experience Royal Tea for yourself.