About Us


Queen Mary Tea Room 
The Queen Mary Tea Room is one of the oldest independent tea rooms in America and is featured in Bruce Richardson’s book, The Great Tea Rooms of America. Richardson says, “If you want to feel like a Queen, this is the place to go.” CNN Travel listed Queen Mary’s as one of the five great American tea rooms. 

Queen Mary offers a unique tea experience that has attracted tea lovers from all over the world. Reviewers say, “Best tea place in the world,” and “Queen Mary Tea Room is a must experience” and “a tradition since my college days.” Tea lovers revel in the traditional British afternoon tea rituals. 

About The Queen 
“Queen” Mary Greengo started Queen Mary Tea in 1988. She wanted to provide a place where people of all ages could get high-quality tea and food in the traditional manner of English tea parties. “I want people to feel warm and welcomed here, not stuffy,” she said. “I want them to feel like they are coming into my home.”