Positive Mental Gratitude

This gentle book – spilling over with beautiful quotes and statements on the practice of gratitude – will empower you to celebrate the present, even in times of challenge and change

Gratitude is a gift that never stops giving. Helping you to see wonderful moments in the everyday, strengthen your relationships and improve your health, practising gratitude can boost your spirits and drive positive change.

The uplifting quotations and inspiring affirmations within these pages will help you tap into this quiet power.
This book will remind you to find the good in each moment, and how an attitude of gratitude can:
– Improve your mental and physical well-being
– Help you to motivate yourself to embrace the day
– Help strengthen your relationships by spreading kindness
Positive Mental Gratitude is your go-to guide to harnessing the power of positive thought, and will help you to relish the small pleasures, be kind to your mind and brighten your world.

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